Trust the magic of new beginnings!

My dear readers,


the last 6 years of Daily Costumes shaped my life in many ways. Not just did it help me to connect with the fashion world, get to know fellow fashion lovers, but also made my career steer in such a way that my interest in law turned into fashion…let’s put it that way fashion and me were just a much better fit! But as with so many things in life there is times and phases for everything and it was a long process for me to admit that Daily Costume has to come to an end (“as every blossom fades…” H.Hesse) …6 years is a long time, a long time to upload new outfits every week, find nice spots for pictures, edit, write….it always has been my creative outlet my way to unwind, but at some point it became a bit of a burden as well….especially if you start to feel strange to take pics of yourself in public! It seems to have become a common habit that self-exposure and over confidence is acceptable, but for me it started to feel strange in the way some goes out there constantly taking selfies and snapchatting their lifes. I’ve always been a private person, even whilst blogging as I believed it’s more about the fashion than about me as a person…well, unfortunately I’ve learned that if you aren’t willing to portray your life people are just not that interested (see this video for futher explanations!). But You were and I thank you for that and all your support and motivation in the last years! YOU made Daily Costumes come alive and together we could talk and share our all time favourite topic, somehow becoming my imaginery friends!

As I mentioned in my last post I created something new in the meantime, a yoga clothing line. DAILY YOGA CLOTHING is a project that brings together two of my worlds, South Africa and Switzerland, but also my two personal worlds fashion and yoga. If you’d like to find out more have a peek on my new website!

Daily Costumes will still stay live, at least for a little bit and I might even post every now and then an outfit or two- you know when there is no one around to see me snap the photo!


My love goes out to every single beautiful being that clicked by. Once again thank you!


And for melancholic reasons here a small round-up from the last 6 years in outfits:





IMG_6193 IMG_6196 IMG_6217  IMG_6205

My sari inspired outfit of today, which our recent holiday at an Indian community near Durban can be claimed for, works quiet well while being back in hot, but oh so ever airconditioned Pretoria.

Don’t you love the new soft colors that are prescribed for this year? Most of them resemble my all time favourites! So if I count one and one together it is clear to me that for one reason or another this year of 2016 will be damn fabulous! And I DO have a few surprises and new projects planned for Daily Costumes or let’s put it that way it might even get a ‘little sister’……namasté!


Ballet Flats: Woolworth / Belt: Trenery / Denims: H&M / Earrings: Manor / Purse: Trenery / Scarf: Trenery / White T: H&M

Navy and Olive

IMG_61831    IMG_61641IMG_6158 IMG_6116IMG_6179

Belt: Tommy Hilfiger / Knitted Pencil Skirt: Le Grand Comptoir / Olive Green Jacket: Zara / Striped Turtleneck: Massimo Dutti / Suede Leather Boots: Brian&Berry

My favourite things in November!


1. 112 Weddings documentary– after two decades of filming weddings the videographer wonders what became of those couples! Lovely & honest! (Watch free online!)

2. My current favourite purse, the DKNY Bryant Bag.

3. Chanel burgundy lipstick.

4. My new (long searched) signature fragrance- Chanel ‘Beige’.

P.S.: 1-2 splashes last for an entire day (therefore concerning the price, I hope the bottle will last forever very long!).

5. Plaid wool coat by H&M.

6. Instant detox mask from Caudalie. I’m a huge fan of Caudalie products as they smell incredibly nice and are suitable for my sensitive skin.

7. Moisturizing mask from Caudalie. I use the instant detox and the moisturizing mask in rotation- works great for this colder season…

8. A new flavor at Nespresso- vanilla cardamom (limited edition)!

9. (Semi) high heels from Dune via Zalando.