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Tomorrow we have to change our camp back to Lake Geneva. It’s not a have to though- there is so many to look forward to!

Valentine’s sleep over at my sister’s house in pyjamas with hot chocolate.

Hugging and kissing my niece until we both cannot anymore.

Bringing  gifts to my friends.

Ballett lessons and Yoga on Saturdays.

Cycling to town.

No alarms, no remote controls, no more 1000 keys.

A routine.

Gazing at the lake.

Going for walks in the forest, freely.

Leaving doors and windows unlocked, even at night.


Snowy mountains.

Breakfasts at the neighbours.

Bonjours and au revoirs.


Button Up: Country Road / Heels: Country Road / Shades: Polaroid / Shorts: Chinese Market Pretoria

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